Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer Fun...Then and Now

Having a lake cabin can be an enjoyable experience for a multitude of reasons. It is a great place to unwind and forget about the daily grind, and it can bring family and friends together in ways that are difficult to do off the water. And although many cabins offer plenty of recreational activities throughout the year, summers tend be foremost on buyers' minds as they set off on their cabin searches.

Those of us who grew up around water most likely have fond memories of lazy hot summer days by the lake. And visits to Grandma and Grandpa's old lake cabin with the expansive sand beach are just about impossible to erase from your memory. Besides...who would want to?

These days, summers at the lake look a bit different than they did 30, 40 or 50 years ago. Instead of the old maroon 35 horsepower Johnson motor, water skiers are being towed by outboards as big as Volkswagens - or inboards with more power than locomotives. Fishermen, who could be seen spending quiet evenings in their tiny fishing boats in search of a walleye or two, are now found with much larger rigs filled with advanced equipment to make the trip quicker and much more efficient. And the real serious ones can be seen zipping across the water at 70-80 miles per hour in shimmering bass boats on their way to the nearest gas pump!

There are still a few of the old timers around who are holding onto the past with their 12 or 14 foot Lunds. But, it can sometimes be a daunting challenge dodging 3-passenger jet skis sending text messages while jumping wakes, 20-passenger pontoon boats pulling wake boarders, and a lake full of fair weather fishermen ready to swoop down on your favorite fishing hole as soon as they see you pull one in. Consequently, most of them have given in to technology, speed, and a bit safer help fight the battle.

Back at the shore things look a bit different, too. Grandma and Grandpa's cabin with that great sand beach is now a townhouse development. Now, twenty families are living their summer dreams and making their own memories where you spent long summer days exploring and searching for lost treasures. Back then you might not hear another voice for hours - and nobody really worried about you too much because you always seemed to make it back to the cabin...sooner or later.

Fortunately, Minnesota and Wisconsin have an abundance of lakes that can provide enjoyment for lake lovers on each end of the spectrum. Smaller lakes with sparkling sand beaches can still be found across both states, and many of them have very little boating traffic to erode the serenity. Quite a few of these lakes tend to have larger parcels that give a bit more privacy than their larger counterparts.

On the larger lakes you might find a bit more traffic than you would in years past, and many of the large properties have disappeared in favor of denser development. But Minnesota and Wisconsin residents love their lakes, it is not surprising that the demand has been changing the waterfront landscape for many years now.

It seems like a lot of potential lakeshore buyers try to replicate those memories from their youth as they begin their quest for the perfect lake property. But times have changed along the water, so make the most of what is out there to experience today...and let the past go! I think you'll find that there is still plenty to enjoy when you have a lake place.

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